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Materials List and Description

Wool Felt (Used on the top and bottom)

The felt we use is made to our specifications. It is a NEEDLED FELT with at least 80% wool. Since pressed wool felt never stops felting (getting thinner and harder with heat, moisture & pressure) we use the needled felt because it is made with shorter fibers than the pressed felt which keeps it from felting.

Poly Felt (Used in the core of the 2000 series)

Poly felt has been used for many years on saddle pads because it doesn't mat down and the fibers will move and conform to even out the pressure of the saddle. We have had a lot of success using it in our 2000 series pads.

Closed Cell Foam (Used in the core and on the bottom)

We have used several closed cell foams over the years and we feel this is the best we have found for durability and shock absorption when used in the core of the pad or when used on the bottom of the pad next to the horse. This is the foam used in the core of the 1000 series pad and on the bottom of the core in the 2000 & 3000 series of pads to keep sweat from soaking into the core of the pad.

Open Cell Memory Foam (Used in the 3000 Series Pad)

This foam is probably the best shock absorbing material available. It will conform to your saddle and your horse eliminating pressure points. It is the fastest to return to its original thickness and the least temperature sensitive of the ones we tried. It will not get as hard in cold weather or as soft when body temperature is reached. It was made to absorb the shock of jet ejection seats, race car seats and many other applications. We use this for the core of the 3000 series pads.

Air Gel Foam (Used in the Core-as an added feature)

We do not like air gel for saddle pads because it is very heavy, and while it will absorb shock from impact. it does not always relieve pressure points. The company we get this foam from uses the same material they make the air gel from, but they inject air into the liquid, and it makes a closed cell foam when cured. This makes it lighter and softer while keeping the shock absorbing properties of the gel. With the air cells throughout the foam it will help relieve pressure points. This foam can be added to the core of any of the pads. While this foam is very expensive, it is the best closed cell foam available for shock absorbing and evening out the pressure of your saddle.